Here you can read all about the upcoming First European Bisexual Conference that will be held in Rotterdam from June 22 to June 24 of 2001. The event will coincide with Rotterdam Cultural Capital of Europe and will be on the weekend before the famous Dutch Pink Saturday (our variant of Pride Day / Christopher Street Day / Stonewall).

This site is here to provide you with information on as many issues as you will probably have questions about if you are planning to visit the conference.

Welcome to the EuroBiCon 1 Website!

Here you can read all about the upcoming First European Bisexual Conference that will be held in Rotterdam from June 22 to June 24 of 2001. The event will coincide with Rotterdam Cultural Capital of Europe and will be on the weekend before the famous Dutch Pink Saturday (our variant of Pride Day / Christopher Street Day / Stonewall).

This site is here to provide you with information on as many issues as you will probably have questions about if you are planning to visit the conference. Art Exhibition / Auction

There will be an Art Exhibition and Art Auction at the EBC1. Conference organizer and resident conference art-person Jolie Ghianni will be putting this together. Check out her Call for ART.

Sessions needed

The EBC1 organizing committee is currently accepting proposals for sessions to be held at the conference. Read about the planned programme and then submit your session!

Where to look?

To register as a conference attendee, go to 'Registration'. To read media coverage and press releases, go to 'In the News' or 'Press Releases'. To read about the conference programme, how to become a conference session presenter, take part in the art exhibition/auction or find out how to contact our programme co-ordinator, go to 'Programme'. To read about the converence venues, go to 'Venues'. For information about Rotterdam, how to get there, where to stay and how to get around, go to 'In the City' To get a calendar of events, go to 'Schedule'. To read how to contact us, go to 'Contact'.

History of changes

2001-3-30: Added count-down with the amount of days until the conference to this page. 2001-2-15: Added a page explaining the logo, just click on the logo in the top lefthand corner of any of the pages. 2001-2-15: Added Traveling to Rotterdam to In the City section. 2001-2-04: Added In the City section. 2001-1-30: Added Venues section. Moved contact information to it's own page. 2001-1-27: Added the "Call for ART" as sub-page of the 'Programme' page. 2001-1-27: Added an item to the programme page about the Art exhibition. 2000-12-17: Added information pages for conference organizers Erwin Heyl and Kas Hoogeveen. 2000-12-14: Added on-line downloadable registration form. 2000-12-12: Added French translation of the Press Release of 2000-11-15; Added Media Coverage item ('Nieuw Rotterdams Tij'). 2000-11-15: Press Release added 2000-09-01: 1st European Bisexual Conference, Rotterdam 2001 Now on the Internet

Conference Programme

Call for Sessions extended!

Most of the content of the conference will be in the form of what we call 'Sessions'. A session can be anything from a workshop to an art exhibition and from a lecture to a presentation of the results of scientific research.

We are still accepting sessions for our conference. Maybe you are the one who can do a session on one of the open subjects. Specifically, we are looking for people who can do a session on polyamory, jealousy, bisexuality in your country, differences between bi-movements in Europe, suitability of existing (formalized) relationship form for bisexuals and coming out (problems). If you think you can help us out on these topics, you could be an EBC1 Session Presenter. Click on Submitting Sessions to read more about this.

Short summary

To give you an impression of what the conference is going to be all about, click on In Short. That page gives a general overview of the format of the conference.

More detail

But of course you may want to know more about the sessions that are going to be presented, and about the people presenting them. Well, that's why you can also go to In more detail. That page gives an overview of the presenters and sessions that we plan to have at the conference.

Programme coordination

Your guide to the programme of the conference is Koen Brand our Programme Coordinator. He will be working with the Session Presenters to give you the best possible programme we can come up with.

Art exhibition / auction

If you want to participate in our art exhibition, check out the Call for ART, we have special plans for that one!

Conference Party

If you are attending the conference, and even if you're not attending but just want to have a blast, come to the EBC1 Conference Party on Saturday June 23. Read all about it here.

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